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Mystery Pack | IPA | Variety | Cider

Have your favorite variety pack of beer or cider delivered to your door today! We have these amazing pre-packed mystery quarantine packs available that include premium selects. Get surprised and trying something new!

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Mystery Pack | Wine Lovers Pack

Enjoy some amazing local wines that we have selected just for you. We selected wines from Idaho, Washington and Oregon that we felt were worthy of our packs. We hope you enjoy something new!

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Hop Fields


Our focus of local, quality and fresh ingredients makes our home-brewing selection at its best. We have teamed up with the top partners to bring the best to our community of brewers.

Craft Beer

We have a large selection of local craft beers from Idaho and the northwest region. In addition, our favorites on tap are focused on specialty beers that are limited edition and small batches from our favorite breweries.

Wine & Cider

When it comes to Wine and Cider, we traditionally don't think of Boise being the spot. We've tried many and wanted to bring some amazing new drinks to our location from Idaho and our neighboring states. You can enjoy a few glasses and take a bottle or a few home.

The Taproom

Our taproom offers a great selection of beer, wine and cider. Our beer selection focuses on our house beers that we brew in small batches and with big flavor. One key factor of our small batches is that we are able to experiment at extreme levels where large breweries have challenge. Everything from IPA’s, Stouts and Sours, our goal is to create incredible new options that customers have not be exposed to. 

Included in our beer selection is a transitioning draft list of local and northwest region beers that we feel have the exceptional quality to be in our taproom. 

Ciders have an incredible position in our taproom as we not only make our own cider, but we choose a few of our local ciders like, Meriwether in the taproom for an excellent selection. 

The wine selection is as bold and flavorful as it gets. With our limited wine taps, we choose from local wineries to bring in wines that we know our customers will enjoy. 

Delivery - Beer, Wine & Cider

Craft Beer, Wine and Cider delivery has never been so easy. Our goal with every delivery to be efficient and make this the best experience for customers. With our online system, we have created delivery date options to allow customers to choose what date they would like their delivery. 

You can easily use our alcohol delivery service, as long as you are over 21 years of age. The process is easy and we will take payment the day of delivery. 

Our beer, wine and cider selection is updated daily with new options to choose from and we make it easy for any customer. 

Homebrewing Supplies & Classes

Whether you are learning how to brew for the first time or you are an avid homebrewer, we have a great selection of fresh ingredients, yeast and hops. Educating and teaching the behind the scenes of craft beer, wine and cider is what we enjoy, love and choose for our daily lifestyle. 

Our goal is that customers can learn from us and bring back their finished product, excited for us to give our thoughts. With the amount of craft beer options, cider varieties and wine grapes in our region, we know there are endless possibilities. 

Our hombrew classes offer an excellent way to get started as we will teach everything to make a successful brew day and go home with 5 gallons of beer. 

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